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Swan Park Theatre, an iconic establishment since its opening in 1990. At Technical Alliance, we take immense pride in our transformative project, revitalising this cultural gem to meet the demands of contemporary audiences and performers alike.


Project Overview:

Swan Park Theatre, steeped in history and tradition, faced challenges with outdated infrastructure. The lighting, audio systems, and AV equipment were not only showing signs of wear but also proved cumbersome and out of sync with the evolving needs of the performing arts community.

Our team undertook a comprehensive revitalisation project, addressing the challenges head-on. The focus was on implementing state-of-the-art solutions in stage lighting, audio systems, and overall AV enhancements to restore the theatre to its former glory while meeting the demands of modern productions.

Key Features of the Transformation:

  • Stage Lighting Upgrade: Our team meticulously revamped the stage lighting, ensuring a seamless blend of atmospheric illumination to enhance performances. The upgraded lighting system now provides a dynamic and adaptable ambiance for diverse productions.
  • Audio Excellence: Swan Park Theatre demanded a superior audio experience. Our solution involved the installation of cutting-edge audio systems, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound quality that reverberates through the auditorium, captivating audiences and performers alike.
  • AV Overhaul: Recognising the importance of an integrated AV system, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul. The result is a technologically advanced AV setup that complements the theatre’s rich history with modern functionality.


Theatre Features and Impact:

Auditorium capacity of 594 seats.
10m² elevated stage for impactful performances.
17 dressing rooms for the comfort of performers.
Rehearsal room to fine-tune every act.
Large foyer for a grand entrance experience.
Complimentary parking for patrons’ convenience.


Theatre’s Role in the Community:

Swan Park Theatre plays a pivotal role in the City of Swan, offering a purpose-built calisthenics theatre that caters to a diverse range of events. Widely hired by schools, colleges, dance schools, community groups, and international touring companies, it stands as a beacon of cultural expression and artistic exploration.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Swan Park Theatre with Technical Alliance.

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