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Metropolis Fremantle formerly known as King's Theatre, is a performance venue and nightclub located at 58 South Terrace, Fremantle, adjacent to the Sail and Anchor Hotel. Theatre in Fremantle, Western Australia

Our venue team designed and installed a production upgrade to Metropolis Fremantle Concert Club. We replaced the lighting system with a heavy duty black mothergrid spanning the dancefloor and balcony area.
Dropped from this on C1-rated motors are live-moving truss “fingers” covered with high resolution LED screen and concert lighting, enveloping the audience and creating unparalleled atmosphere.
The “fingers” can be moved all the way in to create intimacy for smaller productions or raised to include the balconies for higher capacity shows.
The renovation also included LED strip and neon flex highlighting some of the key architectural features of the heritage-listed venue, and the columns have been clad in custom-designed curved LED screen, all of which are controllable from the production console.

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