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Theatre Performance red lighting

An enthralling theatrical production that recently captivated audiences at the prestigious Liberty Theatre as part of the Perth Fringe Festival. Tailored for Secondary School students, this immersive experience delves into the gothic and supernatural facets of Art Song, Opera, and Musical Theatre, offering a captivating exploration of the performing arts.


Images by @_awii_

Key Details:

  • Venue: Liberty Theatre Perth
  • Duration: 90 minutes with a brief intermission
  • Suitability: Ideal for Secondary school group bookings, individuals under 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian

Multi-sensory Engagement and Curriculum Integration:

“Enchanted Encounters” goes beyond traditional performances, encouraging multi-sensory engagement that aligns seamlessly with various aspects of the West Australian Curriculum. Designed to resonate with Music, Drama, English, Literature, and Humanities disciplines, the production serves as an enriching educational experience.


Production Expertise:

Our team orchestrated a seamless bump in and bump out for the production, planning and executing the lighting, setup, and event operations. Leveraging our extensive experience in the field, we ensured that every aspect of the production contributed to the immersive atmosphere and educational objectives.


Experiential Learning and Beyond:

Beyond the captivating performances, “Enchanted Encounters” facilitates experiential learning, offering students a unique opportunity to engage with the material in a live setting. The production not only entertains but also enlightens, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts among young audiences.


Images by @_awii_

Audio Visual Mastery:

Our expertise extends to the audio visual realm, where we intricately designed and executed the lighting to enhance the supernatural ambiance of the production. The careful orchestration of visuals and sound adds a layer of depth to the storytelling, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional theatre.


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