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Our bespoke audio visual solutions – the “Disco Lift” project executed in a residential premise situated in Perth, Western Australia. This distinctive endeavour seamlessly combines the functionality of a custom lift with the immersive allure of vibrant disco aesthetics.



A tailored lift solution that not only seamlessly integrates into residential spaces but also serves as a captivating centrepiece. This project displays our dedication to delivering top-tier audio visual solutions.


Key Technological Components

  • LED Strip Lighting: Revolutionise ambiance with our energy-efficient LED strip lighting, boasting high brightness, an extensive colour spectrum, durability, and safety features. An economically viable solution without compromising quality.
  • Arduino MEGA Board: The strategic use of the Arduino MEGA board underscores our commitment to technological excellence. Offering expanded memory space and heightened processing power, this choice enables us to seamlessly incorporate multiple sensors for a responsive and sophisticated user experience.
  • Audio: Our commercial audio setup delivers an immersive and impactful audio-visual experience.


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