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Adrenaline Vault, Rock climbing Perth Western Australia

Where we seamlessly integrated a distributed sound system to enhance the auditory dimension of every climb.


Project Overview:

Adrenaline Vault sought an audio solution that could match the intensity and dynamism of their indoor bouldering experience. The existing setup lacked the necessary control for a seamless audio experience in the dynamic climbing environment.

Our team installed a cutting-edge distributed sound system, tailored to the specific challenges of indoor climbing. This solution offers precise control, ensuring a harmonious soundtrack accompanies climbers at every level.

Strategically placing speakers throughout Adrenaline Vault. This deliberate placement guarantees an immersive audio experience that resonates with climbers of varying ages and skill levels.

The project focused on enhancing the climbing journey for participants of all skill levels. With our distributed sound system, climbers can now enjoy the thrill of scaling heights enveloped in an audio environment finely tuned to the nuances of their ascent.

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