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Celebrating Excellence in Design: Recap of the 2023 Hart & Co. Kitchen and Laundry Design Awards

The 2023 Hart & Co. Kitchen and Laundry Design Awards, presented by Smeg, unfolded as a distinguished celebration of Western Australia’s top designers. The event, hosted at the Hart & Co. showroom in Osborne Park, brought together over 200 esteemed guests from the design and building industry to witness the crowning of eight exceptional winners.

Setting the Stage

The awards, standing as the premier independent accolades in Western Australia, showcased the pinnacle of kitchen and laundry design expertise. The night, graced by Hart & Co. executive chairman Rick Hart, witnessed the unveiling of winners across eight categories from a pool of 38 finalists, with a collective prize pool of $19,000 awarded to the deserving victors.

Panel of Discerning Judges

The judging panel, comprised of industry luminaries, including Havenist founder Jody D’Arcy, award-winning building designer Shayne Le Roy, Renew Renovations and Building owner Dean Beament, and Jane Ledger Interiors creative director Jane Ledger, brought their discerning eye to evaluate the outstanding entries.

Commending the exceptionally high standard of submissions, Rick Hart noted, “The calibre of entries this year was outstanding, highlighting the incredible talent within WA. We’re delighted with how the awards program brings the industry together, celebrating not only WA’s finest but also the WA design industry as a whole.”

Honouring Excellence

The coveted title of “Designer of the Year” was bestowed upon David Hillam, principal of Hillam Architects, a recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field. Additionally, Hillam Architects claimed victory in the “Kitchen Design Excellence (over $60,000)” category, affirming their dominance in the design landscape.

In the “Kitchen Design Excellence (up to $60,000)” category, Jodi Balhorn Interior Design emerged triumphant, showcasing a commitment to excellence in design within a budgetary framework.

Lux Interiors, in collaboration with Prince Design, received accolades for “Laundry Design Excellence,” a testament to their collaborative and innovative approach in redefining laundry spaces.

The “Emerging Talent for Best Kitchen Design Concept” was awarded to Jordyn Lyn from North Metro Tafe, recognising the promise and potential of emerging designers in shaping the future of the industry.

Carmen Hansberry Design claimed two prestigious titles, securing both “The Smeg Kitchen Design Excellence” and “The Smeg Outdoor Kitchen Design Excellence,” a reflection of their versatility and prowess in delivering exceptional designs across various settings.

The evening’s finale, “The People’s Choice,” celebrated the popular acclaim garnered by Humphrey Homes, underscoring their ability to resonate with the public.

Looking to the Future

As the curtains draw on the 2023 Hart & Co. Kitchen and Laundry Design Awards, the echoes of innovation and excellence linger. Rick Hart expressed optimism for the future, stating, “Next year will be even bigger and better.” The awards not only honour the present but also serve as a catalyst for the growth and development of emerging designers, ensuring a vibrant and flourishing design landscape in Western Australia.

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