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Bob Hawke College, located in the vibrant suburb of Subiaco, has officially opened its doors to a world of creativity and innovation. This cutting-edge expansion aims to transform the school into a hub for student talent and expression, particularly in the arts.


Bob Hawke College

The New Facilities

The jewel in the crown of Stage 2 is a modern theatre with a seating capacity of 350, designed to host a wide range of performances and events. Additionally, a performing arts centre, dance and visual arts studios, and dedicated music and media rooms offer students an opportunity to explore their artistic passions. These facilities will provide an inspiring environment for students to develop their creative talents.


Beyond the Arts

While the focus of Stage 2 is on the arts, the expansion doesn’t stop there. General learning areas, student services facilities, and multi-purpose playing courts contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. The rooftop terrace, lush grassed spaces, and table tennis tables provide students with areas to relax and connect during breaks, fostering a sense of community.


Innovative Features

Part of the project includes the conversion of existing classrooms into a commercial kitchen, fitness center, and engineering workshop, demonstrating a commitment to offering diverse educational opportunities.


Designed by Experts

The facilities at Bob Hawke College Stage 2 were designed by the renowned Hassell Studio, with construction expertly executed by PACT Construction, ensuring a top-tier learning environment for students and staff alike.


Growth Potential

Currently, Bob Hawke College has 1,281 students enrolled, but with the Stage 2 expansion, the school has the capacity to accommodate up to 2,000 students. This growth presents exciting prospects for both the institution and potential job applicants.


A Remarkable Opportunity

As the school continues to evolve and expand, we are excited to announce a new job opening in the Media department. This position offers a unique chance to contribute to the development of a thriving arts and media community within the school.



Bob Hawke College Stage 2 is set to become a beacon of artistic innovation in the Western Suburbs, and you have the chance to be a part of it. If you are passionate about media and education, this job opportunity is not to be missed. Join us in shaping the future of student creativity and expression at Bob Hawke College Stage 2.

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