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for The Gap and Natural Bridge – Revolutionising WA Tourism


In a significant stride towards enhancing Western Australia’s tourism infrastructure, the much-anticipated $3.3 million upgrades to The Gap and Natural Bridge near Albany are slated to commence in July.


Part of the ‘Torndirrup National Park Improvement Project’, this endeavour represents a pivotal phase two allocation aimed at accommodating the burgeoning visitation to these iconic tourist destinations.

Among the key enhancements planned, provisions include the augmentation of

  • parking facilities
  • to cater to up to 60 vehicles,
  • coupled with crucial road improvements ensuring smoother and safer access between sites.
  • The installation of much-needed restroom facilities at The Gap picnic area promises to elevate visitor convenience and comfort to new heights.

Emphasising the significance of these upgrades, Environment Minister Reece Whitby underscored the imperative of preserving a quality experience for the approximately 430,000 annual visitors to Torndirrup National Park. He stressed that these developments are meticulously designed to leave an indelible impression on visitors, fostering economic growth, job creation, and amplifying opportunities for local businesses.

Echoing these sentiments, Albany MLA Rebecca Stephens articulated the profound impact these enhancements will have on both tourists and local communities alike. She affirmed that Albany’s treasure trove of natural wonders stands poised to benefit immensely from these upgrades, further solidifying its status as a premier tourist destination within Western Australia.

Scheduled to commence construction in July, the project has been strategically timed to minimise disruption to visitors and local operators, ensuring a seamless transition towards a revitalised and enriched visitor experience. The Gap and Natural Bridge, with their awe-inspiring vistas of the Southern Ocean, serve as quintessential representations of Western Australia’s pristine natural beauty, captivating visitors with their breathtaking allure.

The design and construction of these upgrades exemplify a harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability, meticulously crafted to complement the area while withstanding the rigors of its coastal environment. Stainless steel components and fiber-reinforced materials have been carefully selected to endure the harsh conditions encountered atop the cliff faces, ensuring longevity and durability for generations to come.

As The Gap and Natural Bridge join the ranks of other esteemed national park attractions in the region, including the Granite Skywalk in Porongurup National Park and the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk in Walpole-Nornalup National Park, they stand as shining beacons of environmental stewardship and immersive tourism experiences.

In essence, the forthcoming upgrades herald a new chapter in Western Australia’s tourism narrative, one characterised by innovation, sustainability, and a steadfast commitment to preserving and showcasing the natural wonders that define our state’s unparalleled beauty. With anticipation building and excitement palpable, we eagerly await the unveiling of these transformative upgrades, poised to redefine visitor experiences and set new benchmarks for excellence in WA tourism.

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