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Papi Katsu: An Underground Izakaya Opening in Perth CBD

The heart of Perth CBD is about to get a vibrant new addition with the opening of Papi Katsu, an underground izakaya poised to captivate diners with its unique blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and sophisticated fun. This latest venture, under the hospitality group Sesh Mafia, marks another milestone for owner Ben Tua, who ambitiously aims to establish 10 new venues within three years.


Image credit Ben Davidson | Papi Katsu

Tua’s vision for Papi Katsu stands out. “Papi Katsu is different from anything we’ve done before,” he says. “Our team, with decades of industry experience, wants to bring a playful, dynamic experience to Perth’s dining scene. The name is cheeky, the menu is exceptional, and the atmosphere is designed for pure enjoyment.”


Image credit Ben Davidson | Papi Katsu

At the culinary helm is Chase Weber, the newly appointed Culinary Director, known for his tenure with the Parker Group (The Standard, The Royal, Dandelion, Busselton Pavilion). Weber will collaborate with Sesh Mafia’s veteran chef, Leigh Power, to reinterpret traditional Japanese cuisine. Diners can anticipate fresh, local seafood offerings such as open-faced prawn katsu sandwiches, daily sashimi plates, and temaki, as well as poached yabbies with milk bread.


Image credit Ben Davidson | Papi Katsu

For those with heartier appetites, the menu includes delights like saikyo miso-glazed toothfish and roasted duck breast with maitake mushrooms and mandarin oil. The pièce de résistance? A $750 one-kilo A5 Japanese wagyu steak, complemented by options like caviar, whole roasted duck, and super-sized lobster available for pre-order.


Image credit Ben Davidson | Papi Katsu

Experience one of Papi Katsu’s three private dining rooms, each accommodating 20 guests, or at the impressive 4.5-meter omakase table. The drinks menu, curated by Sesh Mafia’s master mixologist Eoin Kenny, draws inspiration from Japan’s precise drinking culture, featuring highballs and martinis made with clear block ice and ice carving, alongside Japanese lagers, sake, and local wines.


Papi Katsu will open on May 30 for dinner service, with lunch available starting June 10. Reservations can be made through the Papi Katsu website beginning May 21.


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